Is your business suffering because the MSP you hired to manage the temporary hiring process isn’t managing it? In fact, are they making the entire process worse?

Allegiance Strategic brings quality, productivity and risk management to your business, saving you money, time and regulatory headaches.

We evaluate each location separately and design a customized labor strategy for each labor location. Your labor dollars will be optimized by eliminating unnecessary headcount, unscheduled overtime and labor inefficiencies.

Through Allegiance Staffing, we have a built-in supplier network with multiple offices around the country. This allows us to streamline services and work with companies that have multiple locations. Why work with multiple staffing companies when you can consolidate your efforts with one?

Allegiance Strategic is on top of the latest in labor compliance so you aren’t caught off guard by government regulations. You need a partner that will keep you compliant and the government happy. When it comes to OSHA, workplace discrimination and the Affordable Care Act, you can’t afford to have a misstep.

Business Impact:

  • Committed long-term strategic partner
  • Labor strategy satisfying the needs of every client.
  • Sustainable real dollar savings
  • Governmental Regulation Compliance Peace of Mind

When it comes to your labor needs, one size does not fit all. If you’d like to do work differently, contact us. We’ll have a detailed discussion about your labor needs. We analyze and observe your specific situation. Then we create a customized solution that will optimize your labor resources not simply based on bottom-line pricing but on the best results.